So what is Memehub?

In an internet where memelords reign and LULz is the aim, the Tesla of meme sites emerges. A meme site by a memer for the memers all bout the memes. Where dank memes is the product, not the user. A site accelerating the path to sustainable dankness.

Meritocratic Cryptos Rewards for the Memers!

Using the 170k HP Memehub stake on the Hive Blockchain, Memehub alots block rewards to the memers for meme-ing. Instead of useless reddit karma, memers can earn crypto. At current Hive prices this is approx $4 in crypto every 2 hours.

Bringing the Stonk Market to Life!

Using AI/ML computer vision, meme scraping, and math magic, Memehub has produced a system to price 500 common templates off real world data.